Model-based Asynchronous Hyperparameter Optimization

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We introduce a model-based asynchronous multi-fidelity hyperparameter optimization (HPO) method, combining strengths of asynchronous Hyperband and Gaussian process-based Bayesian optimization. Our method obtains substantial speed-ups in wall-clock time over, both, synchronous and asynchronous Hyperband, as well as a prior model-based extension of the former. Candidate hyperparameters to evaluate are selected by a novel jointly dependent Gaussian process-based surrogate model over all resource levels, allowing evaluations at one level to be informed by evaluations gathered at all others. We benchmark several covariance functions and conduct extensive experiments on hyperparameter tuning for multi-layer perceptrons on tabular data, convolutional networks on image classification, and recurrent networks on language modelling, demonstrating the benefits of our approach.

Louis Tiao
Louis Tiao
PhD Candidate

Probabilistic machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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